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Make sure teachers use the IEP

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Education Law

When children have an Individualized Education Program, it is important for teachers to follow this plan. If parents realize that someone is not following the plan, they need to take action.

Parents should speak to their child’s teacher as soon as they know there is a problem. says that teachers are legally required to follow the IEP. People should set up a meeting and go over the IEP in detail with their child’s teacher. Parents should remind the teacher why all the parts of the plan are important and connect them to the child’s class performance.

Speak to the higher-ups

Sometimes there may still be problems after parents speak to the teacher. In this situation, they should meet with a principal or another administrator. Many administrators can speak to the teacher to emphasize the importance of the IEP. They can also check on the classroom periodically to ensure the teacher follows the plan. Parents should speak to the IEP team if a teacher continues to ignore the plan. This team can monitor the classroom to make sure a child gets the necessary accommodations.

Keep documentation

Parents may need to demonstrate that teachers are not carrying out everything in the IEP. According to A Day In Our Shoes, people should keep notes of everything they do to make sure people follow the IEP. This includes the email to the teacher requesting a meeting and notes from the meeting. If a child’s schoolwork provides evidence of the situation, parents should include copies of tests and notes.

Seek outside help

Most of the time, speaking to the teacher or the school administrators should resolve the situation. Sometimes, though, a parent may speak to all the relevant people and find that no one enforces the IEP. In this situation, parents may need to file a complaint or call the Virginia Department of Education.


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