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Northern Virginia Law Blog

The benefits of DUI classes

In some cases, a person responsible for a drunk driving accident must take DUI classes. If you live in Virginia, here are some of the benefits of attending these classes. Why do people take DUI classes? It's important to know how DUI classes work, the cost of the...

How the court calculates spousal support

Virginia courts determine the proper monetary amounts for spousal support, or alimony as it's called in other states. There are specific guidelines and criteria that the courts use to make assessments. Factors the court considers Each divorce and alimony decree is...

What not to do in estate planning

Estate planning and wills in Virginia give you the means of transferring your estate without conflict. The proper administration of assets is a real challenge that an estate owner is left with after their death. As simple as it might initially seem, your belongings...

Choosing the best executor

When it comes to planning your estate and writing your will in Virginia, one of the key choices to make is who should be your executor. The executor is in charge of carrying out all of the directions and rules in the will, so it is an important role. What makes a good...

What comprises a thorough estate plan?

Estate planning often requires deliberate and careful thought. Otherwise, the estate planner might miss something and create problems for their heirs. Without the necessary legal documents, representatives may have difficulty dealing with probate or other estate...


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