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Is Your Child In Trouble At School?

It can be complicated and stressful for a Virginia family when a child is facing serious trouble at school and faces disciplinary issues. If your child is facing a suspension, in-school suspension or expulsion from school, what does that mean for his or her future? What if the punishment is unfair? At Bristle Law, we help our Virginia clients get the answers they need to help their children navigate complex situations.

When a student violates school policy, it can lead to certain disciplinary procedures. In some cases, disciplinary action can affect a student’s future, and as a parent, you want to do everything possible to protect your child’s long-term interests. We can help you protect your child’s rights, explore other educational options and fight against unfair treatment.

Fighting For Your Family

Our experienced education law attorney can assist your family in a number of ways. In addition to advocating for the right type of support a student may need, we know how to fight for the interests of our clients in the following matters:

  • Clearing student records of discipline problems
  • Readmittance into a school after disciplinary actions have been taken
  • Securing and maintaining educational accommodations during a disciplinary matter
  • Mitigation of disciplinary actions taken by the school administration
  • Fighting for due process for your child

These are just a few of the ways we assist parents as they advocate for their child. We are experienced attorneys who care about seeking the most advantageous outcome for our clients. At Bristle Law, we take great pride in providing straightforward guidance in a clear and personable manner. You can rely on our experience and commitment to help in your family’s time of crisis.

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