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Finding a way to become private in a social media world

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2019 | Divorce

In Virginia and across the United States, people thinking about divorce typically have active accounts on one or more social media websites. Although it is fine to maintain an account on Twitter or Facebook during and after divorce proceedings, people who want uncomplicated divorces should think twice about their online profiles. According to research, individuals with active accounts on Facebook and other social media platforms often experience problems with their marriages.

The study does not indicate that social media is responsible for failed marriages. However, data shows that marriages, divorces and social media platforms are somehow connected in important ways. A person who has several social media accounts may want to make sure their settings are private. It is difficult to change remarks about prenuptial agreements once several people make comments. Eliminating negative posts may help Twitter and Facebook account holders experience smoother sailing when they file their divorce documents.

Removing potential spies from Facebook’s inner circle of friends is one thing a person can do to ensure privacy. On the other hand, worrying about possible problems does not solve anything. The best thing a person can do is to eliminate potential troublemakers who have ulterior motives. Remember that every published post or comment on a social media platform has the potential to travel. Keep things at bay by ensuring that divorce issues are not published on social media websites.

Any published blog posts or comments need to avoid discussing the finer details of a person’s divorce. For instance, inherited jewelry or other assets should remain private. Proceed with caution before making any online announcements. People with online friends and acquaintances may want to contact a divorce and family law attorney for a consultation. A lawyer might offer valuable advice regarding legal issues, social media and divorce.


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