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How to co-parent during the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2023 | blog, Child Custody and Visitation

Co-parenting during the holidays tends to be a challenge. That said, successfully working with your ex to create harmony will make everything easier for your little one.

Even if this goal seems impossible, there is no need to fear. By applying a few time-tested strategies, this period can be nothing short of joyful.

Plan ahead

Begin preparing for the holidays well in advance. Foster open communication with your ex so that discussing specifics is productive and comfortable. As you nail down the details, be mindful of your offspring’s wishes.

Remember that unexpected changes may arise. Each parent should be willing to adapt to maximize the happiness of everyone. Establish a give-and-take protocol to follow in case of such circumstances. Adapting a proactive mindset can help prevent unnecessary conflicts.

Share responsibilities

Distribute holiday duties evenly, including the financial burden. Splitting costs is especially wise, as 27% of holiday shoppers say the season of giving puts an undue strain on their budgets. Dividing the bills helps ensure that one party will not spend Thanksgiving or Christmas harboring resentments.

Keep arguments private

Avoid disputes in front of family, especially children. Do your best to maintain a civil and respectful demeanor even when broaching sensitive topics. Practice calming techniques that can help you remain centered during heated exchanges.

Be gracious

Although you may believe you are the better parent, remember that your former partner may think otherwise. Respect the fact that this person is still taking on a parental role. Acknowledge constructive efforts and express gratitude for the positive elements this individual brings to the table.

Coparenting during end-of-year festivities may be complex, yet it is entirely possible to create a positive and magical experience for all. By joining forces, being respectful and compromising with your ex, kids will have beautiful memories that last a lifetime.


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