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After end-of-year celebrations, increase in divorces

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Divorce

Virginia couples who are considering divorce in the new year might be surprised to learn that divorce filings increase during the first half of January each year. It is a trend that has already been studied because it seems to be happening consistently even as divorce rates in general have dropped by 8% between 2007 and 2017.

There might be several reasons why divorce filings increase at the beginning of the year. One of them might be parents’ desire to provide their children with happy holiday memories. This is the same reason parents might put off filing for divorce for even several years, as they are reluctant to take away their children’s holiday memories. On the flip side of this, the stress of spending additional time with family during the holidays might become the breaking point for some couples, who might file for divorce early in the new year to avoid another holiday similar to the one they just ended.

Another reason for the rise in divorce filings as the new year begins might be people’s desire to start anew with a new year, including leaving behind a failed marriage. In some cases, if there is a waiting period, couples might want to ensure that the divorce is final before the next year ends.

The process of divorce can be quite strenuous so trying to keep things as civil as possible is always recommended. Beginning the process after the holidays might be a good idea when seen in this light, as ending the marriage during the holiday might bring on additional tension into an already difficult relationship.

Couples who are considering taking the next step of filing for divorce might also consider consulting with a family law lawyer who can guide them through the process. A lawyer may provide advice about the legal process and help their client create a divorce strategy.


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