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Back child support and your passport

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Family Law

If you fall behind on child support, there are various repercussions to recognize. Aside from wage garnishment and even the threat of imprisonment, other challenges arise for some parents, such as problems involving their passport. Whether you need to travel for business purposes or you want to visit another country for sightseeing, it is important to realize that in some instances, obtaining a passport is impossible due to unpaid child support. 

Whether you need to set up a payment plan, modify your child support order or make changes to your lifestyle, consider all of your options and do everything in your power to avoid becoming delinquent. 

Can non-custodial parents who owe back child support receive passports?

The U.S. Department of State reports that parents who owe at least $2,500 in back child support are not able to receive a U.S. passport. Moreover, some parents lose existing passports because of back child support. The Department of State advises parents who owe over $2,500 in unpaid child support to make arrangements with the state in which they owe payments prior to submitting a passport application. 

How long does it take to restore passport eligibility?

If you are unable to obtain a passport because of unpaid child support, the Department of State notes that it sometimes takes a few weeks for parents to have their names removed from the list after setting up payment arrangements. Once the government removes an applicant’s name from this list, applications move forward. Aside from the inability to secure a passport, many other consequences often arise for parents who do not pay child support, so make sure you stay current. 


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