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Reasons people need to modify custody agreements

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | blog, Child Custody and Visitation

Sometimes custody arrangements need modification. According to Virginia law, child custody must reflect the child’s best interests. When circumstances change, your child’s interests may need reconsideration.

If you worry about your child custody agreement, this article will explain why you might want to modify it. The court can change the order to better suit your child at any point before they turn 18.

Relocation of the parent

Noncustodial parents may appeal the arrangement if the custodial parent moves. The court may forbid the parent from moving out of Virginia or demand the custodial parent gives due notice.

Child development

As your child grows, their needs may change. This is through no fault of either parent. However, if you decide one parent is better suited to provide for the child’s needs after they reach a certain age, you may want to modify the custody agreement.

Changes in the parent

Besides your child, parents also change as the years pass. When circumstances change, whether financial, emotional or physical, you may want to consider a custody modification.

Disobeying the terms

Sometimes the other parent does not obey custody orders. If you have difficulty getting the other parent to be consistent with their parenting time, you may petition for a custody modification. The courts may also hold the disobeying parent in contempt of court.

Courts will not always agree to a custody modification for your child. However, if you believe the current circumstances do not benefit your child, consult with an attorney about how to move forward with a custody modification. Child custody is a fluid arrangement that needs to adapt to changing circumstances.


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