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Is your parenting plan effective?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Child Custody and Visitation, Divorce, Family Law

Charting a course forward for your children after divorce takes tremendous work. If your parenting plan is inadequate, you may find yourself in an even more difficult situation.

The parenting plan sets out how you and your ex plan on co-parenting your children. While you may not think it needs to contain many specifics, the more it has, the better. If your parenting plan is proving ineffective, consider revisiting it and making changes.

Does the parenting time schedule allow for deviations?

Your parenting plan should allow for deviations from the schedule. However, it should also contain the method by which you and your ex will communicate and handle changes. The steps may include:

  • A timeframe for alerting the other parent to a schedule conflict
  • The preferred method for alerting the other parent, i.e., email, text or phone
  • The resolution for the conflict, either by switching days or giving them up

Even if the plan has these elements, your execution may prove ineffective and stressful.

Is the other parent not sticking to the agreements?

In the parenting plan, you may have set out co-parenting agreements. You set these expectations to ensure that you and the other parent remain consistent with bedtime routines or communication with the other parent. If the other parent is not abiding by these co-parenting agreements, or if your children have outgrown some of them, you may need to consider tweaking the plan.

Remaining on the same proverbial and literal page after divorce when it comes to parenting your children may prove difficult. Even if your marriage ended amicably, co-parenting might take time to get a handle on, and you may also need to continue to tweak your parenting plan in the years to come.


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