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Can sucking on a penny help you beat DUI charges?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | blog, DUI

As most Virginians know, the Old Dominion is not friendly to those who drive under the influence of alcohol. Indeed, according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, even a first-time conviction for a DUI offense results in a one-year suspension of a person’s driving privileges. You are also likely to face other penalties, including steep fines and possible incarceration.

Law enforcement officers cannot arrest you on a hunch or whim, however, as they must have probable cause to justify your arrest. If you fail a DUI breath test, you give officers the probable cause they need. Despite what you might have heard, sucking on a penny cannot confuse, trick or otherwise interfere with a DUI breath test.

Sucking on a penny used to have some effect

As you might suspect, DUI breath testing has come a long way in recent decades. In the past, though, copper and other metals had some effect on the accuracy of breath test results. That is, during previous decades, it might have been possible to trick a DUI breath test by sucking on a penny. Those days are long gone.

Today’s Testing devices are more accurate than ever

Test manufacturers have refined their products to minimize errors. Specifically, they have improved testing devices to insurance accuracy. Rather than helping you beat a DUI arrest, sucking on a penny is much more likely to cause you to choke.

You have rights during a DUI stop

The best way to avoid DUI charges is never to drink and drive. Beyond that, it is imperative for you to understand and exercise all your legal rights during any roadside stop. Ultimately, taking advantage of your fundamental legal protections can help to level the playing field when you are dealing with members of law enforcement.


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