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Helping Create your path

to a better tomorrow

Northern Virginia Law Blog

How parents can resolve special education disputes

Your child has the right to a free education that accommodates his or her specific learning needs. As a parent of a special education student in Virginia, if you and the school disagree over an aspect of your child’s instruction, you have multiple options to resolve...

Should we try nesting?

Just like not all divorces are the same, not all post-divorce custody situations work the same way either. Traditionally, in a joint custody situation, the parents set up separate households and the children move between the households according to the custody...

Situations that warrant a will review

Many people understand the importance of having a will. However, some of them draw up the original will and then forget about it. As individuals get older, there are life changes, and some of them warrant a review of the original will and possibly require a change. If...


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