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Securing Your Retirement After Divorce In Manassas

If you are getting divorced in your 40s, 50s or 60s, it is natural for you to wonder how it will affect your plans to retire. You and your spouse have spent years saving for retirement. But now that you are splitting up, those plans must change. Not only will you not be spending your golden years with your ex, but you will need to find a way to afford a comfortable retirement.

For most people, this requires a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, commonly known as a QDRO. At Bristle Schulze, we help our divorce clients with the QDRO process so that they get their fair share of the retirement savings. Our family law attorney, Anna Bristle, has the experience and knowledge of dividing up retirement accounts and pensions that you need so you can still enjoy a fulfilling retirement.

With most marital assets, the final divorce decree is enough to make the necessary transfers possible. But retirement accounts are different. In Virginia, you need the judge to issue a QDRO to get the company that administers your retirement plan or pension to disburse the funds appropriately. The QDRO must contain certain information, such as the names and addresses of you and your ex, the plan’s name and the amount or percentage of the fund to be paid to the new payee.

Getting the details of the QDRO right is essential. Ms. Bristle has drawn up hundreds of QDROs for clients. You will be able to rely on those funds when the time comes, so you can plan your retirement accordingly.

Learn More About Where The QDRO Fits Into Your Divorce

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