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Divorce Mediation In Northern Virginia

Mediation is a process often used when NOVA residents get a divorce. Instead of litigating, the couple attempts to work together – although they still have legal guidance – to find a solution. They retain control over how they split up custody time with the children, for instance, or how they split up their marital assets.

Litigation can be highly contentious, but mediation focuses more on cooperation.

Here at Bristle Schulze, attorney Anna Bristle is an experienced and caring family lawyer who has spent years helping clients find divorce solutions. At our law firm, we are creative, attentive and focused on serving our clients. With us, your best interests will always come first, and we can help with everything from a young divorce to a gray divorce to a military divorce. Our lawyer will represent one party as you and your spouse work together to mediate your divorce.

Advantages Of Mediation

There are numerous potential benefits to mediation:

  • Mediation is often is less costly and helps you save money during a tumultuous time.
  • Mediation can be much faster, streamlining the process so that it doesn’t take years.
  • Mediation is also less adversarial since you’re trying to work together, and it may make it easier to move on after the divorce.

Additionally, and most importantly for many, mediation gives you more control. You’re not just waiting to find out how the court will rule. You get control over what you want your life to look like after the divorce – and our experienced firm helps you work through the legal process to accomplish that goal.

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