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Marital problems that lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Divorce

While there is no way to look at a marriage and accurately predict whether or not the union will last, relationship experts, divorce attorneys and psychologists have combined their knowledge to make a list of potential bad habits that a couple may not be able to overcome. Virginia residents might like to know about traits often found in relationships that do not last.

If a married couple never has disagreements, this may not be a good sign. Avoiding an argument does not solve anything or make a problem go away. Ideally, sharing grievances gives both parties a chance to express themselves and feel more comfortable communicating. Moving forward as a couple can be challenging without working on problems.

Couples run into problems when there is too much selfishness or selflessness. Constant selfishness can hurt one’s partner while there is also such a thing as caring too much about one’s spouse. Equality is missing in marriages where one partner only acts as a caregiver because feelings of isolation and resentment can occur when giving and taking are one-way streets.

Narcissists with inflated egos often have trouble admitting to mistakes and wrongdoing, which can lead to relationship imbalances. A fragile ego can also prove challenging and be indicative of unresolved insecurities.

Communication problems and unresolved emotional issues can make a marriage difficult. Unfortunately, these issues could also complicate a divorce. When a couple cannot reach an agreement about divorce and family law matters like property distribution, alimony and child custody, a judge might make decisions instead. When possible, a couple may wish to avoid litigation as the process can be costly and time-consuming. Mediation might help a couple communicate and work together. When forming a settlement agreement, each spouse may wish to negotiate terms with the assistance of an attorney.


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