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Northern Virginia Protective Order Attorney

If you are facing a difficult situation in your family life, especially during a divorce, you might feel overwhelmed, unsafe and unsure of where to turn for help.

At Bristle Schulze, we understand how tense these times can be. Our attorneys will stand by your side and guide you through the process of obtaining or fighting against a protective order.

Our team will make sure your voice is heard, your rights are respected, and your well-being is prioritized.

The Types Of Protective Orders

In Virginia, there are three types of protective orders.

  1. Emergency protective orders: If you are in immediate danger, an emergency protective order can be granted quickly. This order is often sought by law enforcement officials after a domestic violence arrest, though you can seek one yourself if the situation demands it. An emergency protective order lasts for 72 hours, allowing time to seek longer term protection.
  2. Preliminary protective orders: A preliminary protective order is the first step toward obtaining a permanent protection order; you can obtain one without having filed an emergency protective order first. It is issued by a judge, who will grant it based on the facts you provide and lasts for either 15 days or until the hearing for your permanent order.
  3. Permanent protective orders: When you need ongoing protection, a permanent protective order can provide it for up to two years and can be extended, if necessary, for two more years. The number of extensions you can receive is unlimited.

For some people, a protective order is essential for their safety. For others, however, it can be a major obstacle, especially if they have been falsely accused of domestic violence. Unfortunately, domestic violence accusations are often made in tense family law cases when one party tries to gain the upper hand.

Whether you are seeking a protective order or have had one issued against you, we can help. We will walk you through each step, making sure you understand your options and what to expect. We keep things clear and straightforward because we know how stressful this process can be.

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Obtaining or fighting a protective order is a high-stress situation. Reach out to us to lighten the burden. We are here to listen and offer the support you need.

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