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Avoid these mistakes when asking for a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Divorce

As you prepare to ask your spouse for a divorce, you’re likely to have concerns about how the conversation will unfold. Even if you do your best to prepare for everything, you may find yourself stuck and wondering what to say next.

Here are three common mistakes that you want to avoid when asking for a divorce:

  • Discussing the details: Even though you’ll be tempted to talk about child custody, property division and related matters, you’re not likely to be able to do so without causing additional tension.
  • Leaving hope that you won’t divorce: If you’re 100 percent sure that you want a divorce, don’t leave the door open to reconciling. Share your true feelings, remain respectful and move through the conversation as efficiently as possible. Just make sure you are clear that you’re not turning back now.
  • Putting your children in the middle: Even though your children will be affected by your divorce, you shouldn’t throw them into the middle, such as by threatening to take them and never let your spouse see them again. This isn’t healthy for either of you, and can put your children in a difficult spot in the future.

When you avoid these mistakes when asking for a divorce, it’s much easier to move through the conversation without tensions reaching a boiling point.

Once you’re on the same page as your spouse, you can file for divorce and begin to prepare for the process. It’s oftentimes a long and winding road, but if you take it one step at a time you’ll eventually reach the end.


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