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The best practices for winning your child custody case

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody disputes can bring out many feelings and emotions that Virginia parents may have trouble controlling. Maintaining your composure and sticking to the facts serve as one of the best ways to prevail in court. Understand that your case may come down to how the judge perceives you, and you can make the right choices going forward.

Putting your best foot forward in child custody cases

Child custody and visitation require compromise and a willingness to work with the other parent. Showing an ability to meet deadlines and work with your ex paints a positive picture of you to the court. If you believe your ex might try to paint you in a negative light, requesting an in-home custody evaluation could help you.

Obtaining custody of your child requires a substantial amount of work. Stay updated on child custody laws, maintain high reliability in all of your appointments and don’t involve your children in the court case. In addition to showing up on time and not canceling any of your visits or pickups, you also need to dress appropriately for court and display proper etiquette.

While the thought of losing visitation rights brings up intense emotions, it’s important for you to maintain your composure in court. Courts have the option of awarding joint or sole custody, so make sure you present yourself well.

Plan your approach to win your child custody case

Courts must consider what scenario works in the best interest of the children. Presenting documents and records that support your role as indispensable to the proper upbringing of your child can help you win your case. Keeping to the facts, following any requests from the court, and avoiding risky behaviors go a long way to proving your worthiness.


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