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Do living accommodations affect child custody orders?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | blog, Child Custody and Visitation

Filing for divorce is a major life decision, especially when there are children involved. If you are preparing to dissolve your marriage in the state of Virginia, it is important to understand how living accommodations may affect the child custody order. The more familiar you are about custody orders, the easier it is to obtain an arrangement that works for your family, and most importantly, your children.

Financial considerations

The finances and income of both parents will be calculated and considered when creating a child custody order. It is essential that both parental figures are capable of providing their children with all their needs in order to retain custody.

Privacy and space

Another way living accommodations affect custody orders is the privacy and space each child has in the homes of his or her respective parental figures or guardians.

Age of parent or guardian

The age of a parent or guardian may be taken into consideration, especially if one parent is significantly older or younger than the other.

Number of children

The number of children involved in a divorce and custody case matters, especially if one parent cannot afford to take care of all the children at all times on his or her own.


Your location will also be taken into consideration based on surrounding crime as well as the type of home or building you reside in.

Your child’s preference

Ultimately, child custody and visitation schedules may also take into account your child’s own living preferences, depending on his or her age, as well as what he or she is used to.

When you are going through a divorce, working alongside a lawyer who understands the process of creating custody agreements is a must. The right attorney can help guide you through your divorce and child custody proceedings without causing you to feel stressed out, confused or entirely lost.


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