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The risk of prepaying traffic tickets when you are on probation

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Traffic Stops & Violations

In Virginia, officers regularly set up speed traps to catch drivers who are traveling faster than posted speed limits. Likewise, they monitor motorists for other traffic violations, such as distracted driving or running red lights.

If you receive a traffic ticket, you may worry about your insurance rates skyrocketing. Still, because you do not want the hassle of fighting the citation in court, you may simply pay the ticket and move on with your life. If you are on probation or have a bond, though, you may want to think twice before prepaying traffic tickets.

An admission of guilt

While it is not possible to address all traffic tickets without going to court, you can deal with many by simply paying the associated fine. When you pay a fine, though, you admit guilt and likely waive your right to contest or appeal the ticket.

A probation violation

If you are on probation, you probably have an affirmative obligation to notify your probation officer about any run-ins with the law. This may include traffic tickets. In some cases, receiving even a seemingly minor traffic citation may be a probation violation. If so, prepaying your ticket may land you behind bars.

A bond issue

On the other hand, you may be out on bond pending the disposition of a criminal matter. If that is the case, prepaying a traffic ticket may require you to appear before a judge to show cause why he or she should not revoke your bond.

Ultimately, if you are on probation or bond, the ramifications of simply paying a traffic citation may be catastrophic to you.


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