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How does a DUI impact your schooling?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | blog, DUI

Getting a DUI conviction on record at any age can do a lot of potential damage not only to a person’s current life but also to their future.

For example, a DUI conviction could potentially upset a person’s chances of getting into the college of their dreams. In fact, it might end their college career entirely.

The cost of a DUI

The College Investor talks about the negative repercussions tied to getting a DUI. Of course, most people know about the possibility of jail time and the potential fines and fees that go along with a DUI conviction.

But not everyone knows how colleges handle DUI convictions. Not everyone even knows that colleges will definitely get alerted to a DUI conviction by local authorities, thus ensuring there is no way to simply sweep the matter under the carpet.

A college will not typically expel a student for a DUI conviction alone. However, that does not mean they will be without repercussions. Most colleges will instead strip a student of any financial support they once gave them. This includes, but is not limited to, scholarly awards, scholarships and financial prizes.

Some colleges take it a step further and refuse to allow students with DUIs on record from using the on-campus housing. This can price a person out of attendance, as they will have to pay the full cost of living accommodations off-campus instead.

Loss of job access

It can even close off a person’s access to certain job fields, as some do not hire anyone with a DUI on record. This includes government positions and any job that has to do with children.

With such restrictions, it is clear that a DUI on record is a serious thing and should get treated appropriately from the start.


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