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Can you avoid a DUI stop?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2022 | blog, DUI

When approaching an upcoming DUI stop, you may want to avoid it for one reason or another. But is it actually legal for you to do this?

The good news is: yes, it is. Though you need to avoid it in the proper way, you can and should take steps to keep yourself out of unnecessarily stressful situations while on the road.

Routes around checkpoints

LifeSafer discusses ways to avoid DUI checkpoints. First of all, what is a DUI checkpoint? Police will usually set these up along roads that tend to have a high rate of intoxicated drivers passing through. They randomly stop and check any number of vehicles that pass through the checkpoint in order to see if the driver is sober or not.

This can create a stressful and difficult situation for any number of people, not just those drivers who are intoxicated.

Fortunately, it is possible to take steps to avoid going through these stops. First, in some states, officers not only have to tell drivers about the upcoming checkpoint, but they also have to provide alternative routes around it.

Abiding by the law

But even in the states where police do not have to provide this information, it is perfectly legal for a driver to make their own alternative route. The key part is for the driver to continue abiding by the road laws while making their way from the route they want to avoid.

This means no driving over double lines, no aggressive driving, no cutting other drivers off and so on. In sticking to the law, a driver can leave from a DUI stop without trouble.


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